It is important to us that all our people across the business are confident that they have the right tools, skills, and competencies to take us forward. Training and work experiences are designed to equip people with the tools they will need to succeed. We also work closely with labor unions to learn how we can partner and improve our training effectiveness.

We establish the competencies required for each of our positions, allowing us to identify the skills needed to fulfill them. The mapping of jobs to competencies, supported by our refined Jobs Catalog, is key to our succession planning. Positions are divided into job families, aiding natural advancement and potential moves to other parts of the organization. Additionally, we have created a Talent Management Center of Expertise to help attract, motivate, develop, and retain talented employees, and help foster a learning culture over time.

Our future depends on the employees we develop today and we aim to provide a workplace that allows our employees to flourish, feel recognized for their value to our business, and to be an active member of a team.