Liberty Water Company operates the City of Elizabeth’s water system and providing safe, reliable water service is our top priority. In 2021, the state of New Jersey enacted a law that requires all water providers to share with customers the material of the utility-owned and customer-owned service lines that lead to their property, notify customers with service lines that are lead or galvanized steel, and replace them by 2031.

To meet these requirements and continue providing safe, and reliable water, we have launched this Lead Service Line Replacement Program. To participate in this program, use the interactive map below to see what our records say the material of your water service line is made of. A service line is the pipe that runs from the water main within the road that brings water into your home. If your service line comes up on the map as unknown or lead or galvanized steel, please use the “Self-report Service Line Material” option to open a survey to help us confirm your service line material or call 857-283-9961 to schedule a no-cost inspection of your plumbing material.  Read more about how the program works on our FAQ page. For homes that have lead or other materials that require replacement, homeowners will be notified and provided with more information.

Please note if your service lines contain lead, it does not mean you cannot use water as you normally do. Your water continues to meet water quality standards. We treat water to prevent corrosion of service lines and household plumbing, and our ongoing lead and copper compliance testing continues to meet state and federal water quality regulations, including those set for lead.

The City of Elizabeth has allocated $17 million of its President Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan funds so that we are able to complete water service line replacements at no cost to our customers.

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“Pipe Up” and Help Us Get the Lead Out in 3 Easy Steps

The City of Elizabeth water system mains are not made of lead; however, the water service line that carries the water from the water main in the street to your home could be. Homeowners’ service lines may be made of lead, copper, galvanized steel or plastic.

We are asking customers to help support this effort by locating and identifying their water service line and submitting a short survey. If the service line is confirmed to be lead or galvanized, Liberty Water Company will work with you to have those service lines replaced. Please follow these three easy steps:

  1. Watch the video to the right.
  2. Follow step-by-step instructions to locate your service line and identify the material.
  3. Snap a picture and click the link below to self report your service line to Liberty Water Company.

Once you have completed the steps above to identify your service line material, click here to Self-Report your Service Line Material. Your participation is appreciated, but optional.

To view the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Progress Report, click here

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