We understand that every municipality has different water-related issues and challenges. Anticipating and addressing those challenges is what we do, across the country, every day.

Our expertise and knowledge of the industry allow us to consolidate the efforts that go into building a new or updating an existing facility. We can help by managing the design and building process, and then by operating and maintaining the project once it is complete.

We also develop infrastructure plans, make upgrades to existing infrastructure, and operate and maintain water and wastewater systems and treatment plants that treat water from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

As a local business, we also pay taxes and contribute to the economy through the jobs we provide and the investment we make in ongoing infrastructure upgrades. You'll find our company and employees actively involved in local civic and charitable activities. We're good neighbors in the communities we serve.

Our teams work in partnership with the communities we serve, and we offer a variety of services to help municipalities support and improve their water infrastructure:

  • High-Quality Water Service and Delivery
    Treating and delivering water is what we do. Our customers have come to expect high-quality, reliable water service.
  • Asset Acquisition
    We have the capability to become a community's local water utility company by purchasing a local municipal water and/or wastewater system. When we purchase systems, we also take on the responsibility of treatment facility and pipeline maintenance and upgrades, ongoing water quality testing, customer service, meter reading, and billing and collection services.
  • Bulk Water Sales
    For some communities, maintaining a reliable water supply is an especially difficult challenge, particularly in the summer months. Because of our extensive system and expert capabilities, we are often able to provide and deliver water to communities that need to supplement their existing water supply.
  • Safe Treatment and Release of Wastewater
    The safe treatment and release of wastewater isn't something most of our customers ever think about; to us, it's critical, and we think about it every day. We can assume responsibility for all aspects of water and wastewater plant operations and facility and equipment maintenance. This includes all dewatering services and offsite sludge transportation, building security, maintenance and landscaping. We also provide odor abatement systems at the facilities we serve.

In addition to our more standard services like operations, maintenance, planning and engineering, we are also able to create public private partnerships, help with infrastructure upgrades and create concession relationships. All of our programs are customized to fit the unique needs of the municipality's water and wastewater needs.For more information on any of the above services, or to find out how we may be able to help your community, please email Charles J. Piekanski, Vice President, Operations. 

Our White Papers provide a series of examples of how our trained team of professionals has been making a difference in local municipalities.