Welcome to Virginia American Water’s Prince William District

Prince William System Overview

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Virginia American Water oversees both water and wastewater service for the residents of Dale City. That means, we’re involved in all stages of the water cycle, withdrawing water from the environment, producing and distributing drinking water and industrial process water, collecting and transporting wastewater to our treatment plants, and returning it all back to the ecosystem. With operations both upstream and downstream, we take our two opportunities to protect this natural resource and the Chesapeake Bay watershed very seriously.

Virginia American Water serves more than 19,800 customers in Prince William County, including 19,194 residential customers and 626 businesses, with water service. The sources of your drinking water, which we purchase from Fairfax Water Authority, are the Potomac and Occoquan rivers. Each day on average, Prince William District customers use 4.39 million gallons of water, which travels through 184.2 miles of pipes of all sizes. 

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The Garry D. Lawson Tank is the newest water tank in the Prince William District. Half of the tank is buried in the ground to lower the overall profile.

We've been serving the region with high-quality, reliable water service since 1966, and we're just as committed to providing our wastewater customers in the community with this same level of service. Our Prince William District wastewater operations (formerly Dale Service) serve approximately 20,000 customers - a population of about 50,000 people - in the Dale City area of Prince William County. The system comprises two wastewater treatment plants with a combined capacity of 9.2 million gallons per day, and approximately 170 miles of sewer main. 

Investments in the System

Every year, we invest in Dale City’s infrastructure to replace and repair aging pipes, valves and tanks. From 2012 to 2015 we invested approximately $53 million in our systems throughout the state. Infrastructure investments are made in order of priority – starting with some of the oldest or problematic pipes, and working our way from there. While main breaks occasionally occur, and can be an inconvenience, we do our best to identify and repair them as quickly as we can, with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible.

Despite all the investments to maintain and replace the system, your water is still a great value, at just about a penny per gallon. We’re such strong believers in the value of water, that our parent company, American Water, is a partner in the Value of Water Coalition, a group of leading organizations responsible for ensuring the safety, reliability and sustainability of our nation’s water. Together, we have launched a new campaign to inform Americans about the value of water and the challenges facing our water infrastructure. Read more about the campaign at