Starting in August 2023, Virginia American Water is partnering with Keystone Utilities to continue our transition from a manual water meter reading process to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system. These new devices use radio signals to wirelessly transmit water usage information over a dedicated communication channel, eliminating the need for manual meter reading.


This upgrade will:

• Provide our customers with more accurate information about their water usage.
• Sustain and enhance our ability to accurately measure water usage, regardless of weather conditions.
• Take vehicles off the road to help reduce our community’s carbon footprint.

What is AMI?
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an automated and efficient meter reading technology that is being implemented across the United States at many water, electric, and gas utilities. This technology, often referred to as “smart meters” will allow Virginia American Water to wirelessly gather water usage data for billing purposes.

Why will the meter be changed?
Providing high-quality, reliable service to our customers is a top priority, and that includes ensuring that we are billing you properly for the services received. To help ensure the accuracy of our water meters we must periodically change them, and the meter serving your property is due to be changed.

How will I know my meter has been changed?
The installation process generally takes less than an hour and you may experience some service interruption during this time. Our Keystone Utility Contractor Crews will be installing these meter upgrades and will leave a doorhanger notifying you once the installation has been completed.

Who owns the current meter and the new AMI device?
The AMI device and your current water meter are owned by Virginia American Water.

Will I be charged for the AMI device?
There is no direct cost to customers for the installation of the AMI device at your home or business. In 2022 alone, we invested more than $45 million in water system improvements statewide – from replacing aging pipes to upgrading water plants. The AMI project is part of this investment. As the AMI project is completed, we will submit the cost of this project and other investments to the Virginia State Corporation Commission to request that the cost be recovered in customer rates over time.

Will implementation of AMI result in loss of jobs for meter readers?
No jobs will be lost.

How can I keep track of my water use?
If you’d like to view your water use history, register for MyWater, our self-service website. You can also view and pay your bill, sign up for Paperless Billing and Auto Pay and more. Visit today.

Why is my water discolored/spurting?
When we replace meters, a small amount of air occasionally enters the service line during a meter change. When you first use the water, go to the highest point in your house and slowly open a cold water faucet—one without an aerator, such as in the tub or shower. There may be brief spurts of air and water and some discoloration. This is normal. Simply run the water for a few minutes until it is clear.

Wait until the water clears before starting laundry. If you have already started the laundry and the clothes become stained, do not let the clothes dry. Instead, immediately wash them again using a rust remover. Rust removers can be purchased at grocery stores. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely.

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