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– SB 606/AB1668

A new California Conservation Framework implementing long term conservation standards was recently signed into law by Governor Brown.

The new law is setting water use efficiency standards for indoor and outdoor urban water use.

Recent press reports however have led to some confusion as to the law’s timeline and applicability to individual households.

Below are some key points to remember concerning this new Conservation Framework for California:

  • The law will not take effect until June 2022
  • Although the law defines indoor and outdoor water use standards, the utility will report usage by entire service area and not at the individual level
  • And the law does not limit individual customer water use
  • Indoor water use targets are set at 55 gallons per person per day which are reasonable targets that most customers today are below of
  • Outdoor targets are determined by landscape and regional climate and, again, are not reported individually

For additional information please contact your local CAW conservation representative